Lufthansa and the Spaniard.


Ah the trappings of economy class flight. “Ein grosse bier” wine and champagne all complementary…Thank goodness because the gal in front is determine to recline her seat to  the max. If she reclines anymore it will result on girl girl action… The last time I was on a lufthansa flight I was 16 years old. My wise grandparents offered to help me get a car (freedom) or go to Germany  (opportunity of a lifetime).  Culture shock took place quickly.  A flaxen German goddess sitting on the floor at the Munich airport rolling tobacco.  I was familiar with rolled Marijuana joints so I was confused. Then the topless beaches.  My grandma tugged me hard and said ” don’t even think it”. I was in Deutsche heaven. Mailmen  had long hair, unshaven armpits and  Marienplatz.  The best memory was the pairing of me and some Spanish girl. She spoke German and Spanish and I English. We rode the underground  to meet up with her brother whose soccer team won some title.  And what a celebration it was. I was sixteen years old and all that is implied, to drink “Lyon’s brew” with a sea of young buff sweaty  men.  But not me.  I  was fascinated with the Spanish gal because she was my age, spoke two languages and could care less about the revelry. She was sophisticated and I was impressed with how she handled the beer laden barbarians.  And this time I’m impressed that nothing has changed in economy except better movies. Bitte please.


Getting by On the Fly


I read a while ago  a brief excerpt  about a man seeking spirituality.  As  he went into seclusion he took very little,  one pencil, pad of paper,  and towel and  said these items lasted him a year. The people in the town provided him with food. I get it, having moved several times these past years, less is more.  And it is a spiritual thing because I reflect on the kindness of others. I got a tv on loan and foam top used on the air mattress. The TV stand is my luggage.  Blow up chair deflates easily so the perpetual camping continues but in an 2 bedroom apartment. Side note the company “homes for rent” did a bait and switch on me. Promised me a 1 bedroom, arrived back to Porterville California, “it’s not available anymore…whatever.  It’s sparse which allows other things to occupy my mind like thoughts and feelings of space. And peacefulness. No microwave either but I’m not that altruistic I have washer dryer in unit. I save the chopsticks from take out and they double for cooking utensils and stemware. One beautiful glass and bowl. I have a portable cook top “convection induction thing you see on TV ” it works nicely and is named after the 80’s.  Nuwave.  At the end of  13  weeks I’ll do this again. In another part of the country. I often hear people say “I can’t do without my (fill in the blank)..” they’re right but I’m not wrong either. In the end all its ever about is  choices.