20180520_131254_film2He asks “You’re never gonna call me again huh?” I couldn’t bring myself to confirm but glossed over It as to say it was the painful truth. My friend said “you’re done fighting but you’re not done with him”. I put my head down which suddenly became heavy with grief. She was right and being hurt occupied a greater part of how I felt. With camps divided I know this too shall come to pass and as I let the sleeping tiger lie and refrain from saying anything to needlessly hurt another, I have moved on. I am using all the distractions I can muster to get over the hump and it’s coming. I had to ask myself what it will be like to literally see him with someone else. And then I quickly remember him saying more than once “You are not allowed to bring another guy here and F**K him in my bed.” I thought “would he do the same”?. Meanwhile I cozy up to friends and family well aware of who we both are. No winners just sadness as I begin a long goodbye to someone I had loved very much.


One thought on “HARD ACHE

  1. Bridget Lopez says:

    its going to be hard, but you are a strong woman and will get thru this with the help of your family and friends. I love you Adrianna. Worrking on getting out there asap.


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