What are Friends for.

In a nutshell I miss this blog. I had to stay behind and fix mess. As I sit here in Long Beach Airport in California to fly out  meet driver in Florida.  I wanna cry because I had to take my cat to cat gangland.  I wish for reassuring words like “she’ll be fine”. I called several cat rescues and essentially told the same thing. No room at the inn. A cat sanctuary will take her to live out the rest of her life for 5k. She is about 17 years basically she just eats and shits. I took her  to my mom’s and just this  morning told my mom ” I just can’t bring myself to euthanize Mika”.  My mom almost  cried and said Kitty boy and Frank Sinatra will kill her. I chat up the secretary/friend “ya they’ll kill her” Mika stay hid behind the washer and dryer till I get back. No good deed goes unpunished.


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