Journey but Not the band.

Dizzy after recording, having to drive to Oakland shotgun to pick up some look books and posters. “If they are really bad I’m using them as targets”. Walking the neighborhood and then packing to head home. Visiting family is always good and soul-searching within even better. The part I dig is getting to airport early. The posters never found, may have been tossed with the other rubbish oops I meant to say recyclables. Besides I’m lugging enough already. The bridge is open and strong and weathered plenty. Today I wish to be a bridge.



Visiting my sister I always leave having learned something new about her and something new about myself. When I lament about what it is like being single, my sister tolerance is exercised. I shout out loud “I’m all those things” as we listen to what men and women find attractive in each other. The Seattle radio station was not only playing songs but playing field psychology. Women like funny and self deprecating humor in men. In men’s eyes women don’t have to be so funny. Thats why my sister says there’s not “as many female comedians”. Just because I’m nice, thoughtful and easy to get along with does not mean I’m entitled to meet a handsome charismatic man out the gate. My sister on the other hand says it sounds more like “the stench of desperation” as I explain how indignant I’ve become when it comes to to dating at this stage. I’m standing tall like the Seattle Needle, I am not desperate NO! Indignantly frustrated as hell….yes.