On Renfe train one way from Madrid is 60 euros…it’s summer. Fast and clean describes the machine. Greeted by hot air with a breeze, Seville is not grid friendly so taxi is one’s best bet. I missed the bulls that run in April and May. The Bull is majestic. Ebony, shiny and angry. Not one to fall into tourist trap I get a 45 Euro carriage horse ride for 40. But guess what, he didn’t take me back to place of origin…lol. Clop clop clop is a favorite sound because it will never change…think about it. The Cathedral can be seen from great distances. Clear and astounding evidence of Spain’s powerful reign. Franco died in 1975 so I asked about now “Socialist”. The Plaza de Espana. Built in 1929 by Anibal Gonzalez Ossorio. Reverence to him and all who created such a magnificent structure. And would He be appalled to know that rollerbladers come here to zoom across it’s courtyard. The Plaza de Espana will stand the test of time and outlive all who cross it. Gracias Seville for your gifts and charm


Mad for Madrid

Coming off another low budget wonder airlines (Norwegian air) and landing in Madrid. I felt the radiant heat and the song 🎵Hot child in the city running wild looking pretty🎵 ran quickly through my mind. So it’s like 104 degrees and I packed lots of pants. Jose the taxi guy, who answered to Miguel, had tribal tattoos on his right arm. Not unusual per se but enough to ask “Maori “. Jose wouldn’t elaborate so maybe he just plain ole likes it. First thing I notice any where I’ve been ” is it clean or dirty” and luckily Madrid is clean. The gaudi architecture is in Barcelona but here it’s mostly colonial type on the exteriors and facade. Got an apartment and pics on line have filters to give an impression of clean lines and contemporary furniture. Greeted by Jimena who gives us a quick tour and leaves. The Gaggenau stove is modern but that’s about it. It’s kitchy and mildly whimsical aka another low budget wonder. I like it and settle in quickly. Sizing up the neighborhood is pending, and I get groceries. Beer eggs toast butter bacon sweets and dates under 20 euros. I like TV especially here.. full frontal nudity both sexes….what? Yep and my mom gasps. My lovely cousins says “there is a place in Barcelona that custom makes espadrilles” I’m looking forward to getting a pair and that is pending too.