Low down dirty truth

Guess what?  I’d throw that vial in the Potomac or down the drain. Just like Col. Nathan Jessup in the movie “Few Good Men” “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” He was right. I can’t handle anyone’s truth but my own and the last time someone told me their truth I was completely devastated. So there.

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Chicago Proper.

Downtown. Where Lake Michigan is disguised as an Ocean. I’ve been here a few times and they call it the cold windy city. Could it be that a  few people  made eye contact. Is it possible they channel their warmth through their love  of pets. Pet guardians maybe that’s where their energy goes towards. I smiled often and the smile wasn’t reciprocated  Too bad I really dig it here.


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Warm wind with ground cover grass moving its lavender tinged tips. Predatory birds use cylindrical air currents to stay put and use their wings sparingly. Pratt is flat the lanes are lean. “Kern” and oat fields hog the landscape and  it’s so peaceful. Cows’ heads bowed in same direction.  Rivers are more like streams.  From the highway  we see two horseback ranchers  crossing the water to retrieve a wayward calf winding the rope above their heads just like in  movies. This is Pratt “it’s so flat” Kansas.


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Pho get it

1411856417640The swap meet I go to is packed. Packed with people packed with junk. While waiting to have a watch battery replaced I’ll look among the aisles I’ll find eviction notices (sad) or papers from court and I know this came from storage they defaulted on but the weather is often  sunny and I’m just glad to be outside amongst people, to see the vendors I come to haggle with. “Let me have it for forty and I’ll take it”. I would go almost every weekend for last 2 years and to eat Pho which led to a friendship with Danny  and his family.  He gives me his gaming tips I’ve yet to try.  I think his wife looks like a Vietnamese movie star she has high cheekbones, an aquiline nose, flawless skin and she’s skinny. I never really spoken with her because she is always busy cooking but we smile and acknowledge each other even his kids have stayed at my condo. I don’t know his last name Tran or Nguyen doesn’t matter I miss the swap meet but especially my pho family.

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House phone and The Ice Bucket

I like using the house phone in hotels makes me feel like a grown up. I’ve yet to see a kid answering an overhead page they would rather stay lost. Even now some hotels make an announcement throughout the whole casino. I’m tempted to use it, to call myself “Ms. Adrianna Please go to the nearest house phone”. Then there’s the ice bucket one must walk down this long hallway like in the movie Poltergeist and as I walk I remember how often the folks send the kids to “go get some ice” and what a thrill, that short brief period where you are on your own. You run so fast then catch yourself, you’ll lose your freedom if caught. You reach the giant ice making machine with sounds of ice shifting and buzzing, you either push a button or pull a lever all by yourself. Like magic ice keeps coming and coming never mind the strays that hit your feet. Then it dawns on me, it’s just like a slot machine for kids.

Community Inspired

I read and commented on An American Social Worker In London who wrote about showing up to an Interview. I agreed wholeheartedly as he shared that one should be present presentable and prepared. Then I scrolled down and BAM got hit with piece. A call for a Black Caucus to provide an environment that is conducive to elevating people so that they may thrive and all that is Implied. I talked it over with family and we agreed that others suffering have not gone unnoticed. We also agreed to remain steadfast to supporting others. “To whom much is given much is expected” is the thought that has remain after his reading. My futile attempt to find the other individual who wrote about the death in Ferguson was not successful my thoughts lingered long after reading her passionate opinion. Around that time I was driving through Missouri very close to the city and I was sad and scared. Later that evening I played poker in Kansas City and not a single person brought up the ordeal. Mind you everything gets talked about at the poker table. I thought maybe it’s to painful to discuss I choose not to think that no one cared.


Lil Ms. Marilynn

While waiting in between my next road trip I stay with this gal. Her: oh ya so and so has sleep apathy. I know what she means but I want to be amused and laugh so I continue looking at her. She says “sleep apineah ?” Even Apple Ipad corrects this as I write. ” you’re close. ” sleep apnea. This is the same gal that told me “Did you know so and so is a tea bagger?” I said “What!,” “Yes she is some kind of Republican” I tell her that so and so is probably part of the tea party movement and she nods her head. “Mom do you know what tea bagger is?” She clearly doesn’t know and this prude of a daughter tells her what it is with advise that she share the PC version. This is a gal, while growing up said Little Perry in the house (Little House On The Prairie) gazette means cassette. I understand her well and I think she puts a wonderful spin on the English language so what if she is the D-word dyslexic. I love you mom you make me laugh and you are such a good sport. Zia Jian and Shalom

Task at Hand “You’re killing me Larry”

Some people enter the water a toe at a time I jump right in. The  blogging, the writing came out of desire. I thought for sure I’m going to write what’s in my mind while we are driving thousand miles back and forth. I started the facebook page and it was enjoyable. It also  served a purpose by keeping track of who and where and what. But now I jumped ship thanks to my know it all really! she does know it all within this discipline. So upon her suggestion which I know is in my best interest I am not giving up. I get it I know I’m supposed to be here but with all these widgets’ categories, side bar media stuff the letters on the dashboard I am overwhelmed btw what the heck is RSS? ( I am explaining not complaining) I read some poor gal’s request for help I say ” good luck sister”  I realized she is speaking my language. I feel like a troll in the Miss America Beauty pageant. So learning annex? Nope! I’m not giving in. Zia Jian and Shalom.

It’s all about me Not really.

 We can get out of the way of Elephants and tigers but it’s the ants and mosquitoes that are gonna kill us. People poker and traveling have been on my radar for a long time so I had a chance to hop in truck and go.  Blogging started out of necessity because the older I get the more files I have go through. Although nursing is rewarding so are many other things and I want to keep track of it all.  I may not be an expert but desire for these things will drive me to become one. My style is short and sweet easy to read nothing heavy duty because we all know how the world is anyways. Ziajian and Shalom.