It’s been pervasive in  thought that so many commercials seen reflect men as children and their wives as the parent.  I choose to see men as wonderful God given creatures who do just about everything in their power to makes us happy and  love us “just the way we are”.   Women must be charge of the advertising. The Carl’s jr. ad.  “The man puts a whole avocado in Blender?”  or the dad cooking with his children and the kitchen is mess.  Dad  implies it’s the a kids fault and the wife gives a look of disappointment.  Who did you think built the kitchen and a dad in  the kitchen enjoying time with the kids,  it’s where you focus is what flourishes.  Few years back I observed a slovenly dressed unattractive woman chastise her husband while at baggage claim in Las Vegas airport. She was nice to everyone except him. Final straw came in the form of  group shaming.  She gave him a dirty look and everyone around her looked at her as if say “Enough” and  she knew it.  I often say  “the weakest man is still stronger than the strongest woman”.  I stand by this message come rain or shine.  X is Y I love you.