Bag Lady

Riding on the Metro of Love.  It’s the Gold line but I like me some Berlin. And I especially dig this bag. 


Oh Canada

The national north American curling championships is held in Las Vegas.  Cars with Manitoba license plates and other provinces all here to see that large stone object slide on a sheet of ice.  They  came maple leafed covered in bright jerseys and ready to party, not really. I’m not surprised since I’ve heard they are the gentle giant of the north.  I hit up my friend who is a cocktail waitress there ” How’s the tips?” Canadians generally don’t tip.  She says they do and  they’re mostly  drinking coffee and water.  Although I know very little about curling I imagine it to be exciting and relaxing at the same time.  Remarkably the noise level was about the same as a regular day at Orleans which is amazing due to the volume of people. A whole arena  and yet sound wise you could not tell there were  at least   10,000 people or more. Mike Myers, Pam Anderson, Michael J. Fox and Justin Beiber are Canadian and I’m wiling to bet they’re good at curling the Iron. Ziajian 

Year of the Rooster 

Hello. Social media says “you have one new view” it’s enough for me.  This is the Year of the Cock according to my friends…lol.   Fidelity and punctuality are the key concepts.  And 2016 was the year of the Deaths. Many wonderful people including Carrie F. whom  I met briefly in a bathroom( she had to piss test) died.  She was fun and funny.  I looked up the definition of fidelity which also included being faithful to a cause or movement.  So I will be faithful to this blog and write about poker the spirit and observation.  Cock a dottle Do.