Being happy for goodness sakes

Im learning that you can be happy for those you might not  be fond of and you don’t have to practice.  Its essentially a barometer of your life in this current moment.  



Everyone goes thru stages of your favorite snack or food.  Maybe yours  is walnuts with currants or lemon juice on everthing and you smell like Pledge. During my  college years one semester, I ate  a chile Relleno every day for a month. So now its Kimchi in all its earthy goodness.  I’ve enjoyed its pungent briny crunch 4 times this week and I have risk having the breath that announces to the world I 💜 Kimchi. Even its preparation is  a beautiful thing. Handcoated with a fiery mash on each leaf by people like you and I.  Then put away as though it has misbehaved for being an acquired taste.  Initial presentation looks like body parts in a clear small barrel which I find oddly appealing.  Plop in the bowl then chopstick onto my plate.  If Kimchi was a person I’d give it a hug.