Motu 2 Motu

Nov 30 thru Dec 6th is the time people come to race outrigger canoe in what is known as the race in the most luscious backdrop ever. Canadians Aussies and Kiwis sprinkled with few USA (Hawaii Washington and Los Angeles “Go Makaha”) the world’s most beautiful lagoon according to Conde Nast. I sat outside last night. No phone so that I might absorb all the goodness of Aitutaki island like the Two hermit crabs racing on slightly coarse yet soft sand. Ripple of tides reflecting sun then moon in the sky. And feeling the way you feel after a good day. This race around the islands is 37 Km of warm water mushing. And teams getting ready, you sea a bunch of orange and gray shirts. No shirt no service. Color bands identify you team. And everyone sizing each other up. Pre game huddle reveals a few characteristics. Everyone says they are there to have fun and the minute race starts those same people become very competitive. Chase boats name after children. Exodus and Princess Annie. 3 hours of constant motion and some commotion then its over. I paddled like my life depended on it and we passed up 3 canoes. 12 boats total. We came in 7th which is better than DFL. Yeah I’m competitive too.