The little things

Celebrating My mom’s birthday in Spain. I take account of the nuances of everyday life and compare them to how I live at home. Today it is ice cubes. A fan of crushed ice, I find the giant tubular like cubes kinda interesting. Being Catholic, three cubes in any glass suits me well. “Everything in threes like the Blessed Trinity” as the birthday girl would says. As we venture place to place the cubes are consistent. 3 to a glass. I let my imagination wonder and yes the 3 is intentional. The ice surface area is optimal but crushed ice is quicker. I like the smoothness and visually, Spain’s ice in a glass looks masculine. Bold large rocks marinating in Bourbon. Looking in the freezer of our flat, same type of ice. Refinement in simple things brings me joy and feeling it quickly is bliss. If I was a mathematician the cube ice might tickle my notion that math does indeed rule the world. And a world without ice? I could only imagine.