Toy Kee Yo!

I been to Japan few times but finally got to Tokyo without a short layover. And guess what? It’s not expensive. The limousine bus from Narita is just a bus with comfortable seating. No graffiti or trash anywhere. Note to self “there is the Park Hyatt and the Hyatt regency. I was under the impression I was going to be in the”Lost in Translation” hotel. Sky top bar, deep delicious tub and self retractable curtains. I was mildly amused when I figured I’m at the other one. Yen to USD is quick conversion in your head. 2000 yen is 18 bucks, move the decimal over to left and you’ve pretty much figured it out. Not a lot of smiling faces in the financial district but just enough at the hotel to make you feel better. Fresh young faces with their K-town hair in “di tou zuo” ,(low heads) position on the metro. Favorite snacks often is rice based:sticky and earthy. Who knew coffee “everything” reigns supreme whether it’s iced hot or concoction base they’re consuming it throughout the day. Temples are overrun by tourists and I understand it’s no longer as sacred as before. Tokyo is lush with canopy trees and a feeling of peacefulness takes you by surprise as you saunter. Dollar star is Daiso where I purchased 2 teas, fanny pack, wrist support, tweezers and water for about 5 bucks. Checking out social media sites three things stood out: cats, food presentation pictures and humor. No casino or poker rooms but I’m pretty sure there is gambling going on and I just have to find out which district. Ah let me guess ends in ku. Sayonara and Zaijian.