Keen No

A quick layover from Las Vegas to Los Angeles allows me to get my fix. I heard most people are addicted to either one or more the following; alcohol sugar caffeine nicotine salt. I’ll add Keno to my caffeine and sugar. It’s a random numbers game, a math probability game which has its appeal but for me I observe the people playing it. Locals come to the Orleans ( Or- lins) and according to house staff there are a series of machines lined up against the escalators also known as skid row. I see a lady who taps the side of her machine five times hits the “deal/draw” button three times sweeps her hand across the screen like a lovers caress then strokes the side from top to bottom every, single time. She does this all the while a cigarette is dangling from her lips with ashes still attached half way down the length and holding a high ball. Then you have the “tweakers” obviously they don’t sit still, they order “Piña Coladas two please with Amaretto” don’t tip the waitress and as quickly as they arrived they are gone. I remembered two prostitutes sitting next to each other playing one cent Keno chatting and drinking, along comes a security guard ( this happened at another casino) small talk ensued and one of the gals says ” look I got a bonus” delightful giddy laughter begins when the security guard says “I’ve got a bonus just standing here talking to you”. This last one touches my heart. This older gentleman had his wife sitting in front of him on the same chair being that both of them were of small stature, while he looked and press the buttons his chin resting on her shoulder and his arms around her waist. I could tell she had some kind of a stroke. There they were  together. l had never seen this and it hit me in a way that only love could have created such a simple solution.



Chocolate Massacre

Women love chocolate.  With one exception.  In 12 days I am going on a quickie Poker cruise the last one I was on  I partied hard late into the night, I then crawled into my bed as not to wake up my bunk mates.  In the morning I screamed looking at my bed then grabbing  my neck for some kind answer to the question “who stabbed me in the night” why? OMG the sheets had what appeared to be old blood high up on the pillow area. Duh, these luxurious cruises place a chocolate on your pillow before you retire, I fell asleep and melted that damn  Ghirardelli chocolate square. Mystery solved. 


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Don’t Be Bold

wpid-20140510_181717.jpg I find pleasure in writing about life out here but last night was different.  The driver looking out of window before retiring said “No” I asked what was that? “Lot lizard” some one soliciting. I felt a deep heart tug. It was very cold outside and late and I asked myself “how bad must things be that a female could muster up courage to knock on a window of someone she has never met and then proceed to be intimate with that person”.  I chose not to cry but to write and tell her if I could, she doesn’t have to be so brazen  and try to get her drug of choice some other way some other day. To me she is not a lot lizard. Although I can’t save you I want you to know I care.  It’s in my prayers that I will ask that you’d not be so bold.

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Today we delivered an “overflow” which are items left behind because there wasn’t enough room in the first place.  We have delivered several of these overflows, none of which we have created.  I realized that some of us  most of us all of us are attached to our stuff. Long time ago Life magazine featured families all around the world and their stuff. A Saudi family,  a nomadic family in Nepal, and a  family from America were the ones I remember.  All the items in the home were brought outside placed on a foundation and lifted on a crane.  Of course the American family of four had the most stuff.  The Saudi family had twice as many people but significantly less. 2 or 3 Mercedes and super long couch is what I remembered. The nomadic family had whatever they could load on 4 or 5 Yaks. I’m somewhere in between the Saudis and the Yaks. I have become a keen observer of behaviors and some of us are possessed by our possessions. The accumulation can be overwhelming since I only have 2 feet and wearing more than one pair of shoes at a time is a realization that maybe I got the message a little too late.


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Mighty Miss

The River is milk chocolate brown and is 12,355,200 feet long.  I try to imagine all the written and unwritten history that has taken place here. In long haul trucking it’s the  most often used reference amongst drivers. And just about everybody had to spell it in second grade.  She is beautiful and dangerous and her silt is showing.  Between the giant barges and alligators she has plenty of company  and doesn’t get mad when I cross her…


over and over again.

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Three dollars and ten cents

The cost of two DVDs from a store called Big Lots is worth more than I thought. I spoke of Cabin Fever before and nothing has change since the drone of bouncing in a truck and watching time go by. Then to set my sense of justice for the everyman consumer in a perturbed direction, I grab a 4.25 ounce of pistachios for 4.29 with a sign that says a dollar off from price, I wait in line and the guy name James from the Pilot in Tyler Texas tells me I need the second bag in order to get the dollar discount. WHAT?! I said “dude I read the sign twice and…” I run back to get the chicken shit little sign that has me all fired up. I hand it to him and told him this happens a lot, he thanked me and I left. I in truck mode and take pride in being both prompt and the first one back in the truck not keeping the driver waiting. This is ruining my pristine record of being on time all the time. I receive that look from both of the guys like " she should know better. Nothing like the housewives of Orange County and looking at the Yule Log fireplace video to soothe my nerves. For three dollars and ten cents, approximately the price of those damn pistachios.


Fork in the Road

Eating healthy was the goal but now it’s about making choices with the best outcome.  When you have a 53 foot trailer and truck, you are limited to truck stops for you dining options.  The limits increase ten fold once you get inside. I look around and see the swelling of rolled hotdogs and all package foods. I am scared (scarred too)further by the sites of many a trucker with large abdomens.  It seems these pendulant bellies are accompanied by missing teeth. A vicious cycle begins since you can’t chew properly for nutrients you stick to soft foods.  Some salad bars are hideous others like today terrific. Plain strawberries and grapes. Some soups are identified by observation not by title. Green Chile beef soup did not sound appetizing but upon inspection so healthy. Beans bay leaf clear broth and meat that appeared decent and edible. So soup du jour.


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D is for Deaf

I’m in Las Vegas for a short time. I Drop in to collect mail and get my passport. Back in 2008 I bought a condo here and called it home. I was alone and just started a job after a break up with the love of my life. It was easy to be distracted from him since moving in to a home requires work. It is here that I met M. She was walking her dog parallel to my patio and scared me. Who walks in behind someone’s house? I was upset and said “hey you scared me”. She kept walking and I thought ” what a biatche”. Second time I saw her I went up to her and said ” you scared me do you always walk this way with your dog?” She is deaf well now I feel better. She is from New York and she’s got that swag . She is also Puerto Rican which meant she was probably a good cook and loves to dance I wasn’t intimidated or reluctant to make a go at our friendship because I love people and this was no exception. Obviously our relationship has its challenges she prefers to write and I wanna tell her all the dish. Knocking on her door is out and forget about calling her. I have a few ASL (American Sign Language) moves in my arsenal having dated a law student back in the day, who was a deaf interpreter. I use the same tired old gesture and signs but she gets it and she gets me. There are things that will remain a secret like ” what’s up with having dogs that are white? ( 3 so far) and why didn’t you have any children? . I know very little about deaf culture and I was made aware of control issues between couples especially when one spouse is hearing and the other is not. When we get together it is between us and I won’t ask her hubby to interpret, He is a good guy but why take chances besides its all girl talk anyways. I hugged her and said I see you soon she says “When?” I give her that look and she understands.


G is for Gambling.

Arrival into Las Vegas Nevada last night is fun. Not complaining only explaining.  I got up at four am to be at the truck yard by 5. I tried my darndest to nap while traveling from Long Beach to San Diego then here. I begin to think about the din of Keno machines, the numbers I’ll pick, the waitresses that love to cut up with me  and bring Ginger ale with bitters in the tall glass. My palms start to perspire  and I lean into the glass to see those lights that I love.  My home is here and now it  is  temporarily occupied by family. I remind myself that charity begins at home. I’m a thimble full of resentment.


Oh well. I am often a bridesmaid never a bride since one of the crew hit a jackpot. Damn foiled again.  I tell myself my luck will be ever present when I get back to playing poker. Later today I am meeting a new acquaintance thru friends to view  his new Corvette. He is a magician and maybe he’ll make me disappear.

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IMG_0219.JPG. Plans change and now Florida is out and Tupelo Mississippi is in. This time it’s a party and saying goodbye to some good sleep. The driver called me ” how set are you about going to Florida?” And “Brian is going to join us”. I like Brian but it changes the sleeping arrangements. So head to toe the driver ( six foot six) and I (5’6) in one bunk and Brian upstairs in the penthouse. All three of us have traveled together before and we all got along. We joke since Brian who happens to look like the actor Keanu Reeves, works well others also sees things differently. Back in May the driver told Brian “Dude you’d shit gold bars and complain they weren’t shiny enough” Thanksgiving on the road will be a first. I appreciate that my mom did not give me sad eyes or “what about me?” Which she has perfected over the years. It’s like the bend and snap “works every time”. Thank goodness! May God Bless and hold tenderly all who have served on this Veterans Day.