Sleazy Eight

Can you imagine a road dawg’s rite of passage includes staying a seedy motel. Well I did and boy was I on alert. I see a police officer at a fast food drive thru. I ask “how’s this place? You know it’s bad when someone answer with a question.  “How long you stayin?” One night “oh you’ll be okay” this place is known for dope according to the officer  That’s just great I was going to lay out by the pool and read. Got a little reassurance from desk clerk who was counting out a mountain of change telling a  guest holding a cardboard sign “You’re short again I’ll cover the rest”.  But the piece de resistance happened when  this gal looks in to offer her company not knowing I was in the room. She saw the legs of the driver and decided that door left ajar was an invitation.   Man this is some crazy joint.  I could handle the homeboy veterano on his bike circling his territory riding in between the 53 foot long trucks staring hard when I was getting a drink. It was the gal that scared me because she  partially entered the room until she heard a bellowed “NO”. All I’m thinking is “man I am losing my edge” situations like these didn’t scare me as much as before,  now I just wanna get some shut  eye and in the morning get the hell out of the Easy Eight.


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