A Mix Bag.

1414592979513-1580271235Given that Halloween is coming, here is a mixed bag of goodies from yesterday.  Taxi to Sam’s town Casino in Shreveport 25.00 bucks each way. No five cent keno or omaha or even limit poker…bummer oh well. Then to the cafe to eat. Our waiter is from Beijing “yes I’m going to blow him away with my newly learn Mandarin” I asked for “Nemung bing shui” lemon water.  I get a big “huh?” I received my dish he asks “how is it ?” I reply “Kekuo” (delicious) “too cold?” “No its delicious”. Well I better hit the tapes again. Upon return home to the Petro truck stop we buy some water and the tv is on world series  San Francisco Giants vs KC Royals  and small talk ensued. I ask the tall nice gentleman at counter “Who ya For? ” “Kansas I guess they haven’t won” I pipe in trying to let the locals know this fender bender knows a thing or two. “Ya 29 years” he says he knows people in KC “so Ya I’ll pick the Royals” I said the only person I know in Kansas City is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Everybody laughs because it’s late and we are all tired but more likely my faux pas. I know I know Kansas City Missouri and the state of Kansas ARE two different places. Oh well note to self. I just liked that everyone was laughing.

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