Keen No

A quick layover from Las Vegas to Los Angeles allows me to get my fix. I heard most people are addicted to either one or more the following; alcohol sugar caffeine nicotine salt. I’ll add Keno to my caffeine and sugar. It’s a random numbers game, a math probability game which has its appeal but for me I observe the people playing it. Locals come to the Orleans ( Or- lins) and according to house staff there are a series of machines lined up against the escalators also known as skid row. I see a lady who taps the side of her machine five times hits the “deal/draw” button three times sweeps her hand across the screen like a lovers caress then strokes the side from top to bottom every, single time. She does this all the while a cigarette is dangling from her lips with ashes still attached half way down the length and holding a high ball. Then you have the “tweakers” obviously they don’t sit still, they order “Piña Coladas two please with Amaretto” don’t tip the waitress and as quickly as they arrived they are gone. I remembered two prostitutes sitting next to each other playing one cent Keno chatting and drinking, along comes a security guard ( this happened at another casino) small talk ensued and one of the gals says ” look I got a bonus” delightful giddy laughter begins when the security guard says “I’ve got a bonus just standing here talking to you”. This last one touches my heart. This older gentleman had his wife sitting in front of him on the same chair being that both of them were of small stature, while he looked and press the buttons his chin resting on her shoulder and his arms around her waist. I could tell she had some kind of a stroke. There they were  together. l had never seen this and it hit me in a way that only love could have created such a simple solution.



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