Bro Code

This is a case about how friends over time become family.  I had a timely situation where I had to work during day go to a home and repair all kinds of stuff and get out b4 the new tenants move in. Who ya gonna call “Ghostbusters”.  So we had move a newer type of washer and dryer, abandoned by the previous tenant, to an upstairs room. I called the driver and got the best of what it takes to “get her done” But no my bro had me doing opposite.  He had the best intention (machine gravity thing) things got a little heated and Venus said to Mars let’s do it this way and if it does not work we’ll try you way.  It worked out. At dinner I apologized for wigging out and Ruben said “your my sister don’t worry about it” How wonderful was that.  My bro has never let me down and the past 3 days  showed up with coffee a good attitude and tools to “get her done”.


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