Alone or Lonely


Lucky for me I found  a site on the social network that shares information and insight about traveling nurses.  Discussions of contracts, tax options and stipends are insightful and helpful but from what I can tell there is quite a few people wanting to reach out to others or at least ask en masse what one does about the loneliness. i am alone but not lonely.  Being a traveler is kinda of a solitary event, driving to your location, entering a new place and finding housing. Most go at it alone and others hook up the fifth wheel and live out their contract at a RV park with family in tow. The weird  thing is now I’m beginning to prefer it more at this time in my life than ever before.  “People do it all the time”  and some people are especially good at it.  Is that why girls go the bathroom together? Have play dates with other mom’s or avoid going out if no one else is up for it. Songs like “All By My Self” or “One Is The Loneliest Number” make me second guess myself but I get over it quickly because are we really all alone?


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