I’m halfway thru my nursing assignment and I am grateful for this never ending learning curve, lots to take in (mentally) and I mean not just working in a busy hospital on a busy surgery floor.  I have been given a subtle lesson in both livestock, agriculture and people  (my most favorite subject)  Saanen and Alpine are breeds of goat and a hectare is 4.27 acres.  I learned if your kid (lol) has milk allergies goat milk products may be an alternative. There are seasons for pistachios and oranges and everyone here knows the calendar of fruits nuts berries and cherries just  like I know the alphabet. People here in Porterville live two lives.  They drive home to their hectares to farm, feed and tend to the flocks, herds and stables. At the end of my shift I am completely exhausted but these hearty souls have spouses they speak fondly of and together they are farmers of all types of industries.  A wonderful nurse shared a story that translates nicely. One of her goats who had  essentially been isolated by the others because of her beauty,  is now keeping company of one of the new billy goats brought to procreate. She was often seen alone and isolated and now she is on a pedestal. Not sure of the metaphor or lesson behind this but it just sounds nice doesn’t it?


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