You won’t find any one else but a native driving the taxi. Taxi cab drivers are the gateway to the world. They see and hear everything then drive you there. ” “that driver drives like a Singaporean”,  “I miss the old Singapore less crowded less vehicles” his grumpy grumble was endearing. “You are better off dying in Singapore than getting sick…it’s cheaper” most taxis had little altars or symbols. All of them  smell  good and the sheen from the interior makes me want to polish something.  Prostitution is legal and health monitored. Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian and Filipino can all be Singaporeans. I heard at least 11 languages spoken here and if I didn’t recognize a certain language I’d ask. “Pashtu”.  Every Girl’s boyfriend is here. Louis,  Gucci and Levi.  Skin care and treatments places are quite numerous which explains all the beautiful flawless young faces passing me by. They wear hose and proper shoes. Smokers pick their butts   and if not you sweep for a week without pay. This country is Clean. I met a girl who works here and she represents this country. Beautiful in a special way,  smart and interesting. May I be lucky enough to return to see my new acquaintance.


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