It’s best said if you knew what it took to get that radicchio walnut cranberry salad you wouldn’t mind paying the price.  I drove thru central California’s back side near the Sierras’ and Sequoias’.   I did not know anything about all the towns on my way to Sacramento. Exeter, Ripon, Lindsay, Tulare, Strathmore, Terra Bella,Visalia. Of course Fresno.  These fine towns provide us with such abundance.  There is train called  The Lettuce Express.  I’ve been told it gets preference over other cargo.  Then I observed two women sitting side by side on an open bench tractor like machine.  I notice the sprayer she was pointing to the ground.  As  they rode up and down back and forth I thought is it a pesticide? Probably. They had masks but really we all know about repeat exposure. Living here in Porterville has exposed me to the harsh  lives of others. I’ve been taught to appreciate Nature’s church that feeds and sustain all of us. From limb to limb I reach out to all the crop harvesters, pickers and  generational disciples of Cesar Chavez’s migrant farmers. Thank you and God bless you.


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