Take it Off

Listening to the Donnas and The Muffs on Pandora,  while I wait for an alternate flight. Reno airport requires the pilot to  nose dive onto the runway. “Cancelled” in bright red on the board because 24 mph winds. This is a first and been so lucky all this time.  I thank Tongan ticket counter guy  and tell him “I love you” in Samoan. That is how I found out he’s not. “You’re not wearing a ta ovala” we laff I get an upgrade.  Passing thru security I often  wear an airport outfit for ease and use a square scarf as a top that later doubles as cover up, blanket or pillow. This time while flying from Las Vegas Nevada to Long Beach California I was told to “take it off” sheehs! Okay.  That’s it I’m getting the TSA pass. Finally homegirl recognizes my situation and comes to my aid. I have passed  thru many a security and not asked to alter my outfit. I love hearing these words but situations may  vary.  It pays to be nice and compliant. Ziajian.


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