I love HONG KONG.  It’s been on the radar since my paternal grandmother came to HK in 1970’s on   JAL airlines where you walked on the tarmac and up the stairs. I remembered it as “the Orient”.  Of course its  a shoppers’ paradise with  nearly endless food choices.   But It is the lushness or as  my travel buddy puts it  “Its like I’m living in a Bonsai tree” that did it for me. I Thought HK was just about vertical monstrosities and very little room…its not.  Green everwhere and although  mosquitoes got the best of me  I thought of pick up line for daters. “Wanna see my latest bite?” British reminders are subtle “mind the gap”.  Subway transit times and stops are announced in a lovely UK voice.    Local merchants start their day around 9ish.  Didnt catch glimpse of Nawaz Sharif staying at same hotel x 3 days but the massive security and pop up metal detectors let me know the Prime Minister of Afghanistan was here to finalized the “Beltway initiative” or also known as the Silk Road revisited. A new friend suggested that next time  I “go to Shanghai New Delhi then come here to HK” .”  oh you mean to say the Orient.   Sounds good to me.  Ziajian. 


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