A “What?” Festival.

It’s been a blessing to visit friends on assignment in Wisconsin. I had passed through this state and now I got to visit for a bit. Fox River runs north which I am told is unusual. Lake Michigan does freeze and all kinds of fun stuff take place on the lake. Live bands perform at festivals on the ice. Perch taste better caught from cold waters. Wisconsin’s drink is the old fashion. Best ordered “sour with whiskey and olives”. You can also have it sweet with either rum or Brandy. Gas is cheap. Lawrence liberal arts college tuition is 42k. Dutch influences in the neighborhood include tulips and gnomes. Planter boxes outside the window sills. Little chute in Appleton, gets its name from the Fox River which releases water this way. Motorcycle enthusiasts and bikers alike frequently roam the highways when the weather is especially nice. Milwaukee assembly factory for Harley-Davidson may be one of the reasons. No graffiti, stray dogs or trash noted during my drives in a big ole Jeep. “We’re going to the Testicle Fest.” 5 bucks and all you can eat with a side of ranch or buffalo sauce. A gentleman I chatted with brought his own mustard. When in Rome. Ah and then there’s the cheese which can be extra squeaky. Thank you Andrea and Joey. Zaijian.


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