Death of a Hiker.

In the last few days of hiking, on October 23 I witnessed a body being pulled out of the water. Initially a mountain guide said it was someone who’s luggage went over the side and men were trying to retrieve it. I knew it wasn’t accurate given the scene. Several men at the base of the rocks and waterline. Luggage is colorful and floats fast down the rapids. I was on the other side of the “Big old river”. I looked more closely and under a few feet of surface water, was a man’s arms flailing yet stationary from trunk down. I gasped and cried as the story changed. I immediately asked “Nepalese?” And I’ve should have known better. The story changed to the thought of suicide to what is the most likely scenario. A hiker “without guide”, emphatically expressed by my guide, took his own route and fell. My travel wife did not have the morbid curiosity that seemed to be taking over as more cars and hikers gathered on both sides of the rapids with people asking “What happened?”. I wanted to talk to someone but no takers. It might be a morose thought but I choose to see his lifeless body trapped by a rock as a blessing. His body could be retrieved in order for a proper response by next of kin. I prayed and cried a little more than what was comfortable since I don’t know who he is. I frantically checked blotters and social media when access was available but no answer no mention of a man wearing bright yellow pants with black accessories. He appeared to be late 20’s to mid 30’s. Lean, fair skin with facial hair beard and dark short hair. Futile attempts to resuscitate him may have caused more sadness for some. And all I can do is pray and one day I will know what happened. Some may find record not suitable it ends in 30 seconds.


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