Zsa Zsa Zagreb

Arrived day and half later than anticipated. Delays are part of the experience. Shuttle to downtown then a tram to hotel. Forget it I just wanna get to hotel. 57 euros didn’t sting but I knew taxi driver Alen was taking me literally and figuratively for a ride . Crisp cold bite of air 25 degrees greets your face. The city appears drab and austere. Then you discover 1 million people of Croatia 4 million population live here. I’ve changed my mind no facade I just needs to get out and walk around. Little fur babies with matching ensemble seem to outnumber larger dogs. Salty is the underlying base of most dishes and Croatia off season makes dining and getting around a cinch. First few days I enjoy the touristy stuff and miss knowing I’ve got six weeks of hikes ahead, instead of sleeping in and lounging.

Downtown Zagreb

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