Poker Observation and the Spirit.


As 48 Year old female I am often asked about my ethnicity and what I do for a living.  I say I’m a MexiCAN.  I’m mixed but who cares. What I do care about is taking advantage of opportunity to say yes to most things including hoping into a truck to deliver people’s stuff. Nursing has now taken a back seat and I am out on the road driving back and forth between coast to coast. meeting all kinds of characters, and having a  passengers eye view of the landscape and most profound feeling  of the spirit.  The spirit means many things to many people, to me it is what sustains us through the best and worst of times.  Having gotten older I need to record people places and events because the more you know the more you forget. More files to go through I guess. The Poker life is another story. Having good 3 years of winning and making money just stopped when the poker gods got together and said you’ve had enough and lets give someone else a good run.  Truth be told I went broke and so it’s another go at it. Poker is a people game.   Lucky me this whole  country is peppered with many a casino and poker room.  So like a new lover please be gentle as I navigate and investigate my way back and forth and back again. Zia Jian and Shalom




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