I’m So Tired

My goodness how time flys. I was in the habit of writing nearly every day and now four days have passed. What’s a girl to do? I forgive myself and proceed. Orlando Florida: delivered to a mini storage 3 separate units and the “shipper” (customer) changed her mind and units like a million times. The futile attempt to use post it notes challenged every one that day.  What I didn’t realize until I was told by the seasoned veteran that she was a pro. She had insured her household goods for an ungodly amount of money which rings loudly of fraud.  The exchange of dialogue in essence was “I’ll see WHAT is missing” as opposed to “If ANYTHING is missing” that was also one of the clues. Her goods were pick up from a storage warehouse and not at home. Here’s the rub she is going to file claims guaranteed.  The amount that she insured “her stuff”  (another clue) did not correlate with what I saw. I have in the past worked at antique flea markets for  two decades during my  college years and while in high school. I was taught by many a vendor the nuances of said furniture.  I’ve worked at furniture auctions houses and I have paid attention. Art Deco, Arts and crafts, mid century modern (big hit with the Japanese back in early 80’s). Occupied Japan and  depression glass fakes never got passed me. Bottom line we documented everything and gave the claims guy a serious heads up. I am not sure the outcome and I asked the saints above to intervene because no matter what she too is a child of God but a bratty one at that.


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