Three dollars and ten cents

The cost of two DVDs from a store called Big Lots is worth more than I thought. I spoke of Cabin Fever before and nothing has change since the drone of bouncing in a truck and watching time go by. Then to set my sense of justice for the everyman consumer in a perturbed direction, I grab a 4.25 ounce of pistachios for 4.29 with a sign that says a dollar off from price, I wait in line and the guy name James from the Pilot in Tyler Texas tells me I need the second bag in order to get the dollar discount. WHAT?! I said “dude I read the sign twice and…” I run back to get the chicken shit little sign that has me all fired up. I hand it to him and told him this happens a lot, he thanked me and I left. I in truck mode and take pride in being both prompt and the first one back in the truck not keeping the driver waiting. This is ruining my pristine record of being on time all the time. I receive that look from both of the guys like " she should know better. Nothing like the housewives of Orange County and looking at the Yule Log fireplace video to soothe my nerves. For three dollars and ten cents, approximately the price of those damn pistachios.