Looking at the Bright Side

The end of this year was not ideal. There is a wealthy widower who also loves Keno and plays at the same casino I live at. She tells me about markers and how often she leaves Hawaii to come to Las Vegas 10 days a month and plays 18 hours a day. She is 85 and I enjoy her company. She asked me “Do I like energy bars?” ” Well yes I do” she hands over two beautifully wrapped morsels stating they are homemade and contain macadamia nuts, dates and apricots. I was hungry and ate both. Long story short I got the runs and my back went out. I got lucky though I found some old muscle relaxers and with some scotch I was on the mend but I missed the downtown fireworks and meeting my friend Bridget who was working the strip till two am. I made myself look at the bright side since the first thing I saw on TV was yoga at three am. I then popped two more pills and next thing I saw was stretching. This year is gonna be good because in addition I dropped a twenty dollar bill and this nice gal returned it to me. I love people.