I Think I Want To Ikea Myself

 Long time ago when someone would ask what is your house furnished like.  I replied ” Early IKEA” not mid century modern or  contemporary style because I was just out of college when I bought my first condo.  All 427 square feet of it.  So today a youngster (anyone born in the 90’s) had an apartment with  majority of the substantial pieces being from that store.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going in the store and getting trapped  both in body and mind, something takes over and you have  convinced yourself you need a 4 X 6 mural of New York Iron building  somewhere in your house.   Taking apart an Ivar system is one thing but putting back together requires history with it.  I felt vindicated when the driver told the shipper that items from this store are meant to be put together but probably never moved again.  We are in the business of moving “Liatorp” and 175 pieces, pegs, and  thinga majigs later we  are expected to put it back together.  IKEA has single handedly separated the Americans from the Scandinavians.  “Ouch damn it I just stepped on a peg”.  I just wanna Ikea myself