Tail in the Soup

The title sounds so much better than what really happened. One can wear scrubs pants backwards so you have two pockets in the front. I went to the bathroom and the drawstring went right into the toilet and got wet. I said to myself out loud “My tail in the soup” and stuck with me. It’s good to have soup and and its not so good when something you wear or need ends up in it. This is exactly how I feel. Things are great but something will pop up to detract from the goodness. I went to celebrate Chinese New Year on the actual day and nothing was happening until the weekend and I didn’t go because I was exhausted. I have to go to trucking school this year and I know I should. I just been dragging my feet. And all I am thinking about is wanting my life to be like the movies. EAT PRAY LOVE to be exact. And this darn blog I feel as though I keep writing the same stuff and I am. I’m slowly building resentment at this hovering period I’m in. So I’m stuck in traffic this afternoon and I call the driver to tell him “March 7th” when I can hop back into the truck. And I hear it in his voice that I sound like I want to work as a nurse and maybe return in the Summer. He says “It doesn’t really matter” OMG what does that mean? . Then still while driving on the freeway I notice a couple on a bridge holding hands walking a dog and it brings a smile to my face. I get closer and notice it is a homeless couple and they are both thin and tired and the dog is skinny. See tail in the soup.