Not Missing Much.

When I returned back into the port of Los Angeles and turned my phone on I got a message to work some shifts at the Surgery center. Next day  I got up early did my hair, fresh coat of make up and drove to work. I beamed as I recalled the good doctors patients and co-workers whom I enjoy spending my work day with.  I was greeted by frowns and some new faces. I quickly retreated to my touchstone Antellmo who wears many hats in this little but busy surgery center. He said “welcome to hell” This is not how are remember things when I left back in April.  The tone and the environment has shifted to one of unhappiness and dread. I said to myself “Give it a few days maybe its a fluke” Next day same thing. I realize that one person can be so powerful to create an  atmosphere that has left me grateful for moving in a different direction.  I will make the most of the carpal tunnel releases and cystoscopy procedures.  One physician told me I was missed and not forgotten I told him I did a blog assignment mentioning him as the subject. We laughed. I’ll stick it out since the few peaceful people is enough for me. wpid-20140920_095349.jpg But only for a few more days.

Overheard at the WaWa

wpid-20140920_102719.jpgEast coast has a chain of eateries where the tired and weary come to get a bite to eat. While waiting I’m listening to the driver talk to his kid who is currently in college up in San Francisco.  “….We have shame and guilt and we’re not even Catholic”. I laughed because he meant it. I  was listening to  a healthy supportive dad talk about aging “Dude your life is going faster like the closer you get to the toilet paper roll the faster it goes”. It reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend (my mom) she said “you know that little hyphen between your birth date  and death like in the obituary..that’s you life” – – -.Happy New Halloween.

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