Don’t Be Bold

wpid-20140510_181717.jpg I find pleasure in writing about life out here but last night was different.  The driver looking out of window before retiring said “No” I asked what was that? “Lot lizard” some one soliciting. I felt a deep heart tug. It was very cold outside and late and I asked myself “how bad must things be that a female could muster up courage to knock on a window of someone she has never met and then proceed to be intimate with that person”.  I chose not to cry but to write and tell her if I could, she doesn’t have to be so brazen  and try to get her drug of choice some other way some other day. To me she is not a lot lizard. Although I can’t save you I want you to know I care.  It’s in my prayers that I will ask that you’d not be so bold.

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