The Power of Intention.

When “The Secret” books tapes came on scene some say “Oh yea I get it” the part I love is the subconscious momentum. Here’s an Example. I am determined to learn Mandarin. I am driving everyone nuts with talking out loud the audio tapes & singing. Recently while waiting in a large room empty except a lady with a pad who looks up & says “I hope you don’t mind I’m studying Mandarin” next thing you know I’m in stitches because she’s a tipsy and she also speaks French so the tones sounded French.  We start dishing it up as hens do cackling and what have you. Then while on a train  I offer my seat to a gal & her 91 year old mom she’s say no “I’m going let my mom sit here and ask the attendant to take her to her room in a little bit” I blurt out I can take her back and watch her” “Well she has Alzheimers” “I’m a nurse” I said.  “Besides I need to practice..” Next thing you know she sits down we laugh she corrects me without regarding my feelings “Your Tones are all wrong” “You better be careful not to call your mother a horse” Met a teenager from Shanghai and we talked about a movie she said “yes after that movie came out every girl wanted a gay boyfriend” All this went down in 2 days enough to keep the momentum. Zia Jian


One thought on “The Power of Intention.

  1. Michelle Faciones says:

    I’ve known this woman for 40 years. Although time and space has passed, I’m so grateful and proud to call her my friend. She is wise, beautiful, courageous, fierce, sexy, humble and kind. I could go on and on, but through her writings, i hope you get a peak at her intellect and depth. Continue to soar my beautiful friend, the world is yours for the taking.


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