Blanca Beautiful…2.0

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This is the Blanca. I met Miss feral about 5 years ago. She is a testament to love. “We’ve had a lot of feral cats come and go” we soften all her food and she has water. I can’t believe she is thriving consider the circumstances. She is a lovely mess I think she’s a girl. She subscribes to the same condition as when I first wrote about her. Thank you Blanca for sticking around and teaching me the power of love for all things beautiful. Ziajian.
/”>20130627_221051“Please put out some food for Blanca” hanging out at my folks Welding shop in between  trucking gigs I see Blanca a contorted cat as though she’s been flattened by a flatbed. Her meow isn’t even complete I tear up never having seen an animal near death I think initially,  I take a pic and miraculously she appears more feline and proper since it does not capture the missing teeth blackened gum line and consistent eye crud. I leave food out walk back into office and my Mom says “isn’t she beautiful I just love her” No mystery feral sticks around where fed. I say to self “she is so ugly she is beautiful.”


4 thoughts on “Blanca Beautiful…2.0

  1. Marilynn says:

    Thank you for telling people about this cat. We don’;t know how long she will last in fact the guys are betting how long will she will live. We don’t know if she is a boy or girl. We are so surprise to see her every day.


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