Strung out

“Ya es desil fuhl” I had to hone my listening skills working with a moving  crew from back East. What? I asked “ya that is diesel fuel.” I knew exactly what he was talking. NOS Red Bull monster Rockstar.  Some go through stages me  I got strung out fast. 2008 I moved to Las Vegas, stayed  with friend until escrow closed. Javier  had a tenant who was a rockstar rep and this dealer oops I mean guy would threw a case or two his way. Next thing you know I was up to 3 a day, got the 2 gardeners hooked. The grounds never looked better. I would wake up & first thing I’d reach for a cold one. The gardeners started at the house first thing in the morning instead of later. OMG.  As luck would have it, my condo was ready  and I was cut off.  My poker game suffered because if you have enough money and time your luck will change. Why this particular energy drink? Music to my ears ” No crash”


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