Willy Wonka and the Chile Factory

In Irwindale California there is a little factory that produces the most wonderful hot sauce known to many as the bottle with the rooster on it.  Huy Fong Foods Inc. is offering a tour every Saturday until Oct. 26.  Red Bouffants  Sriracha ice cream, popcorn. chocolate and T-shirts given to the guests of Mr Tran whose story is remarkable.  Family recipe gone global. There were chile packed boxes on pallets marked Canada others written in Pinyin.   He was there to greet  everyone, posed with his guests and shook hands. I had the red ticket for the golden tour thank you Mr. Tran the Chile Man.


One thought on “Willy Wonka and the Chile Factory

  1. LifestyleswithLia says:

    Omg I would’ve loved to have been there! I’ve been a sriracha (authentic rooster) fan since its inception! I literally use it every day… I’m sure Mr.Tran is super nice … What a success story !
    Thanks for sharing the news with us and long live the real Sriracha !


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