Pho get it

1411856417640The swap meet I go to is packed. Packed with people packed with junk. While waiting to have a watch battery replaced I’ll look among the aisles I’ll find eviction notices (sad) or papers from court and I know this came from storage they defaulted on but the weather is often  sunny and I’m just glad to be outside amongst people, to see the vendors I come to haggle with. “Let me have it for forty and I’ll take it”. I would go almost every weekend for last 2 years and to eat Pho which led to a friendship with Danny  and his family.  He gives me his gaming tips I’ve yet to try.  I think his wife looks like a Vietnamese movie star she has high cheekbones, an aquiline nose, flawless skin and she’s skinny. I never really spoken with her because she is always busy cooking but we smile and acknowledge each other even his kids have stayed at my condo. I don’t know his last name Tran or Nguyen doesn’t matter I miss the swap meet but especially my pho family.

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