House phone and The Ice Bucket

I like using the house phone in hotels makes me feel like a grown up. I’ve yet to see a kid answering an overhead page they would rather stay lost. Even now some hotels make an announcement throughout the whole casino. I’m tempted to use it, to call myself “Ms. Adrianna Please go to the nearest house phone”. Then there’s the ice bucket one must walk down this long hallway like in the movie Poltergeist and as I walk I remember how often the folks send the kids to “go get some ice” and what a thrill, that short brief period where you are on your own. You run so fast then catch yourself, you’ll lose your freedom if caught. You reach the giant ice making machine with sounds of ice shifting and buzzing, you either push a button or pull a lever all by yourself. Like magic ice keeps coming and coming never mind the strays that hit your feet. Then it dawns on me, it’s just like a slot machine for kids.


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