The Sting

Imagine Wendy O Williams from plasmatics (early 80’s punk My Mtv). I was doing truck stop laundry and there’s a gal with multi muted colored spiky hair, tartan skirt, black boots and yea she was a trucker “F**k this F**k that”. Good figure and a pretty face that had seen a lot. She shares a tale of woe “ya I used to be a stripper down in Florida” she also left out a lot. She was pissed because her man cheated and ended up marrying the transition chick. That let into a diatribe about men.  I’m thinking shit I got stuck with this crazy gal who’s gonna go on and on. Then I asked her. “Have you ever been in love?” She said “Yes 14 years ago I had the love of my life” I said “Good, some people go an entire life without.” She agreed and went back to folding her thong panties.


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