Citizens Bane

wpid-wp-1413204233126.jpgI Remember when truckers had their time in the sun. And the CB was the working man’s tool.  Movies like Smoky And The Bandit provide a glimpse of the life. I thought I was excited until we got one. I spoke into the microphone “can I get a handle?” WRONG! “Guys already have handles you need to introduce yourself”. “Am I coming over?” This was my way of testing the frequency.  NOPE! I should say “do you copy”. Omg I wanted to say “breaker breaker 19 this is girl about the country is that a copy?” No no no! A gal trucker I met earlier this week said “once they hear a female they go cuckoo” so she rarely uses the CB. They’ll say “what’s the color of your house”  “don’t tell them”. I mock play and everything I said was innuendo “Am I coming over” (testing if anyone copies) ” am I coming in?”  I am told there is indeed CB etiquette.  Oh dear this is Adrianna over (it) & out”

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3 thoughts on “Citizens Bane

  1. beautiful Marilynn says:

    Just love your writing not because your my daughter but all the little stories and seeing places I have not been to. You give me things to talk about. best of all I feel close to you.Love mom


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