Sister Seattle

I took the Sounder commuter train in Kent  up to Seattle to see my Jie Jie (Mandarin for elder sister) for $3.25 then hop a bus $2.50 and got here quick.  The moving industry is slowing down and I parted ways with  my partner who I’ll meet up again in Long Beach California in a few days Meanwhile I’ll  be staying at The Moore.  It is a great hotel because it’s not a chain  and the building is family owned  2 sisters  and 3 brothers. Claw foot bath tubs & no two rooms are alike. It’s 2 blocks from Pikes Place Market Two  nights $94.00 total not bad, an espresso bar in the same lobby serves up a little treat with your order. I’ll crash at my sister’s once her current guests leaves.  Rachel Ginger beer store is becoming a regular gig and the Hibiscus  pomegranate magenta mule will be my order tomorrow. Ziajian


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