Cha Cha Cha.

Cha is Mandarin for tea. While in Georgia I get a lesson in quick dialog.  A warehouse guy calls off a number “triple three” he repeats it a few times and asks if I know what that means. “I know a few” (I’m kidding myself) and he is dying to share it. For example. “That girl be looking for a triple three” She is looking for a date. I decide to go West Coast on him and say. “She looking for a dub but she ain’t thirsty.” We laugh since I want to be hip if not contemporary. Come to find out once again the joke is on me.  “Darn”. Triple three translates to nine inches. Now I’m just embarrassed.  The Duck Dynasty crew has a sweet tea product and it’s a big Sigh. The driver was more eloquent “it sucks”.


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