11 Forgotten Laws.

Everyone knows the secret. Bob Proctor wrote the much revered book and at age eighty he remains on the speaker circuit. A recent visit to see my sister lead me to review via audio and text the laws that help guide one’s life to that of abundance and harmony. Listening for 2 years my sister says she often hears new threads that speak to her. The one that spoke to me was The Law of obedience. In my simple way of thinking I initially thought you had to obey the universe. Not the case let me explain. I was a visiting RN to an elderly gentleman who lived right on the beach. This area was known to be at the mercy of the ocean during winter times. His son explained while neighbors braced their homes with sand bags and diversion tactics to minimize the damage, his dad accepted that he was no match against the inevitable. Can you imagine allowing the surf to ride in to your home from the living room all the way back to the kitchen? He sustained less damage than the rest of his fortified neighbors. The law of obedience. My interpretation is don’t push or pull, to let it be since it is already determined. The universe is in charge as they say and belied by some people I embrace this law with gratitude.


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