Fork in the Road

Eating healthy was the goal but now it’s about making choices with the best outcome.  When you have a 53 foot trailer and truck, you are limited to truck stops for you dining options.  The limits increase ten fold once you get inside. I look around and see the swelling of rolled hotdogs and all package foods. I am scared (scarred too)further by the sites of many a trucker with large abdomens.  It seems these pendulant bellies are accompanied by missing teeth. A vicious cycle begins since you can’t chew properly for nutrients you stick to soft foods.  Some salad bars are hideous others like today terrific. Plain strawberries and grapes. Some soups are identified by observation not by title. Green Chile beef soup did not sound appetizing but upon inspection so healthy. Beans bay leaf clear broth and meat that appeared decent and edible. So soup du jour.


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