D is for Deaf

I’m in Las Vegas for a short time. I Drop in to collect mail and get my passport. Back in 2008 I bought a condo here and called it home. I was alone and just started a job after a break up with the love of my life. It was easy to be distracted from him since moving in to a home requires work. It is here that I met M. She was walking her dog parallel to my patio and scared me. Who walks in behind someone’s house? I was upset and said “hey you scared me”. She kept walking and I thought ” what a biatche”. Second time I saw her I went up to her and said ” you scared me do you always walk this way with your dog?” She is deaf well now I feel better. She is from New York and she’s got that swag . She is also Puerto Rican which meant she was probably a good cook and loves to dance I wasn’t intimidated or reluctant to make a go at our friendship because I love people and this was no exception. Obviously our relationship has its challenges she prefers to write and I wanna tell her all the dish. Knocking on her door is out and forget about calling her. I have a few ASL (American Sign Language) moves in my arsenal having dated a law student back in the day, who was a deaf interpreter. I use the same tired old gesture and signs but she gets it and she gets me. There are things that will remain a secret like ” what’s up with having dogs that are white? ( 3 so far) and why didn’t you have any children? . I know very little about deaf culture and I was made aware of control issues between couples especially when one spouse is hearing and the other is not. When we get together it is between us and I won’t ask her hubby to interpret, He is a good guy but why take chances besides its all girl talk anyways. I hugged her and said I see you soon she says “When?” I give her that look and she understands.



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