43 missing students and the Marine who was jailed for over two hundred days are Mexico’s most recent memories. My perception is to cast favor to those who live and work in Cabo San Lucas in Baja California. This  is beachy, golfie,  relaxing place. For me it was a place of people who needed help.  In my mid 20,s I was an altruistic nurse and for  two years every month I’d fly down to work at the clinic. A full Saturday of vitals health history and minor surgeries. A military husband and wife,  both physicians manage to treat a great number of people.  I was in awe.  A lot of the people wanted  “Vermox” for amoebic dysentery.  One time a family brought an elderly man who was actively dying. With the most delicate and sensitive discussion he was given Valium and morphine and returned home. One month we gave money to the mayor of Colonia del Sol to put in a working toilet and sink. Next month new mayor no sink or toilet Dinero? ¡Que?!. Learning quickly,  things needed were done on site and paid off after work was completed.  The colony was an eyesore for the mayor and he treated it that way.  Households (shacks) had two large plastic barrels one potable and the other for anything else. Guess they got the barrels mixed up and that became a way of life. Lomas del Sol is the name of the colony now and my


friend said that is the only thing that has changed.

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