Bruise Cruise

I should not expect to win if I haven’t played. I just thought it be like riding a bike. Nope not the case but I did meet Mr. Johnny Hale, who is an 1980 WSOP champ. At 87 years old he is kicking ass and taking names. He said while at the table ” I wish I was 20 years younger” another player said ” You mean you wish you were 40 years younger” Mr. Hale said ” No 20 years is fine”. 195 poker players played on and off for seven days. I recognized some players from Las Vegas high limit Venetian Room and I was intimidated then during a tournament I made a rookie mistake and Bam! I was out. The beautiful ocean and sea spray helped me cool down but I felt bruised and defeated. I still love playing poker. Badugi and open face chinese poker are kinda popular these last few years. I often say to those who play Omaha high low “you’re either a omaholic or omahalogist”. Poker invokes a lot of math so I cracked up when a really good aggressive gal player said. ” I spend half my life playing poker half my life sleeping and half my life shopping” sounds good to me.



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