Green Wood Goat

Ireland was my first thought when I read 2015 Chinese horoscope. Sheep herders there sometimes “tag their sheep” by simply using a spray can. I needed a boost to my spirit given that last year was a little rough and I made changes without much thought and more impulse. I looked back and I was much like the sheep I saw while in Ireland, meandering and looking for the next patch of grass minding my own business. My coat growing heavy and wet with regret and knowing there’s more I should be doing to grow and explore. Here comes the part where the sheep is shorn and underneath is a fresh start. Year of the Goat which states it it will be a year of peace balance harmony and calmness. Just in time because I have a affinity at times for the opposite, like control chaos. I am open to receive this or am I not? I want a different life without detracting from the one I have been living. The best has yet to come as they say so I will greet the new year with my chin up and my pack ready.



2 thoughts on “Green Wood Goat

  1. Firstly, I adore sheep. And having raised two of them I should know better by now, but I still get weak in the knees whenever i come upon a field full of them.
    And secondly, I love your mindset for the new year. It’s positive and willing and forward facing. I shall take a page from your book and attempt to have the same. A very happy 2015 to you, Adrianna!


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